I’m a 29 year old developer and designer working with a whole range of MVC, CMS and Frontend platforms. Previously a CakePHP guru having used it for many years, I now work with things such as WordPress, Laravel / Lumen, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgnitor, WordPress-MVC, Ionic and AngularJS.

I created my first website using notepad, HTML and tables back in 1999 at 12 years old as a hobbyist, expanding into Photoshop, CSS and PHP shortly afterwards. I started my career at 18 in 2006 as a Junior Web Designer and worked my way up an exciting professional ladder over 10 years, my most recent role being Technical Lead of a reputable Manchester based agency.

When taking on a new project I like to work with you to help plan for the most desired outcome possible, here are some points to expect from me:

  • I will discuss and understand your vision and ideas.
  • I will suggest new ideas and solutions at varying costs.
  • will suggest simplifying your project where possible (less is more).
  • will suggest the best hosting and platform and provide reasoning to support.
  • will plan your project with you entirely before beginning any development.
  • may create a small prototype to demonstrate ideas and how they work.
  • wont work on something I don’t feel is viable or realistic.
  • wont work with cheap imitation / spaghetti-code platforms (You’re hiring me for my experience, right?).
  • wont work with something I can not access and evaluate first if it already exists.

Disclaimer: I will do all of the above in full time employment but that doesn’t mean I won’t suggest otherwise.

In my free time I love to learn new skills (Codeschool, Lynda), listen to music, play PC games, watch TV shows (Rick and Morty fan), movies & anime, cook, play the euphonium / B flat bass, binge watch YouTube, work on projects for clients or fun and spend time with friends and family.

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